Antura  1.1.0
Antura.AnturaSpace.ShopAction_Throw Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Antura.AnturaSpace.ShopAction_Throw:

Public Member Functions

override void PerformAction ()
override void PerformDrag ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Antura.AnturaSpace.ShopAction
virtual void CancelAction ()
void SetLocked (bool _locked)
virtual void InitialiseLockedState ()

Public Attributes

ThrowableObject throwingObjectPrefabGO
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Sprite iconSprite
int bonesCost

Additional Inherited Members

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bool IsLocked [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ PerformAction()

override void Antura.AnturaSpace.ShopAction_Throw.PerformAction ( )

Reimplemented from Antura.AnturaSpace.ShopAction.

◆ PerformDrag()

override void Antura.AnturaSpace.ShopAction_Throw.PerformDrag ( )

Reimplemented from Antura.AnturaSpace.ShopAction.

Member Data Documentation

◆ throwingObjectPrefabGO

ThrowableObject Antura.AnturaSpace.ShopAction_Throw.throwingObjectPrefabGO

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