Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Book.BookScene Class Reference

Manages the Player Book scene. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.Book.BookScene:

Public Member Functions

void BtnOpenBook ()
void BtnOpenPlayer ()
void BtnOpenJourney ()
void BtnOpenGames ()
void GoBackCustom ()

Public Attributes

Music SceneMusic
BookArea OpeningArea
GameObject BookPanel
GameObject PlayerPanel
GameObject JourneyPanel
GameObject GamesPanel
UIButton BtnBook
UIButton BtnPlayer
UIButton BtnJourney
UIButton BtnGames

Static Public Attributes

static BookArea OverridenOpeningArea

Detailed Description

Manages the Player Book scene.

  • shows unlocked learning content
  • provides information on player progression
  • grants direct access to minigames
  • grants access to the Parents' Panel

Member Function Documentation

◆ BtnOpenBook()

void Antura.Book.BookScene.BtnOpenBook ( )

◆ BtnOpenGames()

void Antura.Book.BookScene.BtnOpenGames ( )

◆ BtnOpenJourney()

void Antura.Book.BookScene.BtnOpenJourney ( )

◆ BtnOpenPlayer()

void Antura.Book.BookScene.BtnOpenPlayer ( )

◆ GoBackCustom()

void Antura.Book.BookScene.GoBackCustom ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ BookPanel

GameObject Antura.Book.BookScene.BookPanel

◆ BtnBook

UIButton Antura.Book.BookScene.BtnBook

◆ BtnGames

UIButton Antura.Book.BookScene.BtnGames

◆ BtnJourney

UIButton Antura.Book.BookScene.BtnJourney

◆ BtnPlayer

UIButton Antura.Book.BookScene.BtnPlayer

◆ GamesPanel

GameObject Antura.Book.BookScene.GamesPanel

◆ JourneyPanel

GameObject Antura.Book.BookScene.JourneyPanel

◆ OpeningArea

BookArea Antura.Book.BookScene.OpeningArea

◆ OverridenOpeningArea

BookArea Antura.Book.BookScene.OverridenOpeningArea

◆ PlayerPanel

GameObject Antura.Book.BookScene.PlayerPanel

◆ SceneMusic

Music Antura.Book.BookScene.SceneMusic

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