Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame Class Reference

Displays a main MiniGame item in the MiniGames panel of the Player Book. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame:

Public Member Functions

void Init (GamesPanel _manager, MainMiniGame _MainMiniGame)
void OnClicked ()
void DetailMiniGame (MiniGameInfo miniGameInfo)
void Select (MiniGameInfo gameInfo=null)

Public Attributes

GameObject VariationsContainer
GameObject ItemMiniGameVariationPrefab
Image BackgroundImage
TextRender Title
Image Icon
Image BadgeIcon
Image LockIcon

Detailed Description

Displays a main MiniGame item in the MiniGames panel of the Player Book.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DetailMiniGame()

void Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.DetailMiniGame ( MiniGameInfo  miniGameInfo)

◆ Init()

void Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.Init ( GamesPanel  _manager,
MainMiniGame  _MainMiniGame 

◆ OnClicked()

void Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.OnClicked ( )

◆ Select()

void Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.Select ( MiniGameInfo  gameInfo = null)

Member Data Documentation

◆ BackgroundImage

Image Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.BackgroundImage

◆ BadgeIcon

Image Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.BadgeIcon

◆ Icon

Image Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.Icon

◆ ItemMiniGameVariationPrefab

GameObject Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.ItemMiniGameVariationPrefab

◆ LockIcon

Image Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.LockIcon

◆ Title

TextRender Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.Title

◆ VariationsContainer

GameObject Antura.Book.ItemMainMiniGame.VariationsContainer

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