Antura  1.1.0
Antura.CameraControl.CameraGameplayController Class Reference

Controller for the camera used during gameplay and to show the 3D world. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.CameraControl.CameraGameplayController:

Public Member Functions

void EnableFX (bool status)
void SetToPosition (Vector3 newPosition, Quaternion newRotation)
void MoveToPosition (Vector3 newPosition, Quaternion newRotation, float duration=1)

Public Attributes

GameObject CallbackManager

Static Public Attributes

static CameraGameplayController I


bool FxEnabled [get]

Detailed Description

Controller for the camera used during gameplay and to show the 3D world.

Member Function Documentation

◆ EnableFX()

void Antura.CameraControl.CameraGameplayController.EnableFX ( bool  status)

◆ MoveToPosition()

void Antura.CameraControl.CameraGameplayController.MoveToPosition ( Vector3  newPosition,
Quaternion  newRotation,
float  duration = 1 

◆ SetToPosition()

void Antura.CameraControl.CameraGameplayController.SetToPosition ( Vector3  newPosition,
Quaternion  newRotation 

Member Data Documentation

◆ CallbackManager

GameObject Antura.CameraControl.CameraGameplayController.CallbackManager

◆ I

CameraGameplayController Antura.CameraControl.CameraGameplayController.I

Property Documentation

◆ FxEnabled

bool Antura.CameraControl.CameraGameplayController.FxEnabled

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