Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Core.AppManager Class Reference

Core of the application. Works as a general manager and entry point for all other systems and managers. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.Core.AppManager:
Antura.Utilities.SingletonMonoBehaviour< AppManager >

Public Member Functions

void ToggleQualitygfx ()
void ToggleEnglishSubtitles ()
void OpenSupportForm ()

Public Attributes

AppSettingsManager AppSettingsManager
TeacherAI Teacher
VocabularyHelper VocabularyHelper
ScoreHelper ScoreHelper
JourneyHelper JourneyHelper
DatabaseManager DB
MiniGameLauncher GameLauncher
LogManager LogManager
ServicesManager Services
NavigationManager NavigationManager
PlayerProfileManager PlayerProfileManager

Protected Member Functions

override void Awake ()
override void Init ()
 Game entry point. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Antura.Utilities.SingletonMonoBehaviour< AppManager >
virtual void Finalise ()


AppSettings AppSettings [get]
PlayerProfile Player [get, set]
bool IsPaused [get]
- Properties inherited from Antura.Utilities.SingletonMonoBehaviour< AppManager >
static T I [get]
string TypeName [get]

Detailed Description

Core of the application. Works as a general manager and entry point for all other systems and managers.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Awake()

override void Antura.Core.AppManager.Awake ( )

◆ Init()

override void Antura.Core.AppManager.Init ( )

Game entry point.

Reimplemented from Antura.Utilities.SingletonMonoBehaviour< AppManager >.

◆ OpenSupportForm()

void Antura.Core.AppManager.OpenSupportForm ( )

◆ ToggleEnglishSubtitles()

void Antura.Core.AppManager.ToggleEnglishSubtitles ( )

◆ ToggleQualitygfx()

void Antura.Core.AppManager.ToggleQualitygfx ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ AppSettingsManager

AppSettingsManager Antura.Core.AppManager.AppSettingsManager

◆ DB

DatabaseManager Antura.Core.AppManager.DB

◆ GameLauncher

MiniGameLauncher Antura.Core.AppManager.GameLauncher

◆ JourneyHelper

JourneyHelper Antura.Core.AppManager.JourneyHelper

◆ LogManager

LogManager Antura.Core.AppManager.LogManager

◆ NavigationManager

NavigationManager Antura.Core.AppManager.NavigationManager

◆ PlayerProfileManager

PlayerProfileManager Antura.Core.AppManager.PlayerProfileManager

◆ ScoreHelper

ScoreHelper Antura.Core.AppManager.ScoreHelper

◆ Services

ServicesManager Antura.Core.AppManager.Services

◆ Teacher

TeacherAI Antura.Core.AppManager.Teacher

◆ VocabularyHelper

VocabularyHelper Antura.Core.AppManager.VocabularyHelper

Property Documentation

◆ AppSettings

AppSettings Antura.Core.AppManager.AppSettings

◆ IsPaused

bool Antura.Core.AppManager.IsPaused

◆ Player

PlayerProfile Antura.Core.AppManager.Player

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