Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Core.LogManager Class Reference

App Log Manager. Use this to log any event from app. More...

Public Member Functions

 LogManager ()
void InitNewSession ()
void StartPlaySession ()
void EndPlaySession ()
void StartMiniGame ()
void EndMiniGame ()
void LogPlaySessionScore (string playSessionId, int score)
 Logs the play session score. More...
void LogLearningBlockScore (int learningBlock, int score)
 Logs the learning block score. More...
void LogInfo (InfoEvent infoEvent, string parametersString="")
 Logs the generic information. More...
void LogMood (int mood)
 Logs the mood. More...
void StartApp ()

Static Public Attributes

static LogManager I


int AppSession [get]
 Gets or sets the session. More...

Detailed Description

App Log Manager. Use this to log any event from app.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LogManager()

Antura.Core.LogManager.LogManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ EndMiniGame()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.EndMiniGame ( )

◆ EndPlaySession()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.EndPlaySession ( )

◆ InitNewSession()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.InitNewSession ( )

◆ LogInfo()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.LogInfo ( InfoEvent  infoEvent,
string  parametersString = "" 

Logs the generic information.

infoEventThe information event.
parametersStringThe parameters string.

◆ LogLearningBlockScore()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.LogLearningBlockScore ( int  learningBlock,
int  score 

Logs the learning block score.

learningBlockThe learning block.
scoreThe score.

◆ LogMood()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.LogMood ( int  mood)

Logs the mood.

moodThe mood.

◆ LogPlaySessionScore()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.LogPlaySessionScore ( string  playSessionId,
int  score 

Logs the play session score.

playSessionIdThe play session identifier.
scoreThe score.

◆ StartApp()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.StartApp ( )

◆ StartMiniGame()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.StartMiniGame ( )

◆ StartPlaySession()

void Antura.Core.LogManager.StartPlaySession ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ I

LogManager Antura.Core.LogManager.I

Property Documentation

◆ AppSession

int Antura.Core.LogManager.AppSession

Gets or sets the session.

The session.

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