Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Environment.WorldManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

GameObject GetPrefab (WorldPrefabSet prefabSet)
 Get prefab for current world More...
GameObject GetPrefab (WorldPrefabSet prefabSet, WorldID world)
Color GetColor (WorldColorSet set)
 Get color for current world More...
Color GetColor (WorldColorSet set, WorldID world)


WorldID CurrentWorld [get, set]
static WorldManager I [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetColor() [1/2]

Color Antura.Environment.WorldManager.GetColor ( WorldColorSet  set)

Get color for current world

◆ GetColor() [2/2]

Color Antura.Environment.WorldManager.GetColor ( WorldColorSet  set,
WorldID  world 

◆ GetPrefab() [1/2]

GameObject Antura.Environment.WorldManager.GetPrefab ( WorldPrefabSet  prefabSet)

Get prefab for current world

◆ GetPrefab() [2/2]

GameObject Antura.Environment.WorldManager.GetPrefab ( WorldPrefabSet  prefabSet,
WorldID  world 

Property Documentation

◆ CurrentWorld

WorldID Antura.Environment.WorldManager.CurrentWorld

◆ I

WorldManager Antura.Environment.WorldManager.I

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