Antura  1.1.0
Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble Class Reference

A single bubble in the GamesSelector, representing a mini-game. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble:

Public Member Functions

void Setup (string _icoResourcePath, string _badgeIcoResourcePath, float _x)
void Open (bool _doOpen=true)

Public Attributes

GameObject Main
GameObject Cover
GameObject Badge
SpriteRenderer Ico
ParticleSystem PouffParticleSys


bool IsOpen [get]

Detailed Description

A single bubble in the GamesSelector, representing a mini-game.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Open()

void Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble.Open ( bool  _doOpen = true)

◆ Setup()

void Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble.Setup ( string  _icoResourcePath,
string  _badgeIcoResourcePath,
float  _x 

Member Data Documentation

◆ Badge

GameObject Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble.Badge

◆ Cover

GameObject Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble.Cover

◆ Ico

SpriteRenderer Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble.Ico

◆ Main

GameObject Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble.Main

◆ PouffParticleSys

ParticleSystem Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble.PouffParticleSys

Property Documentation

◆ IsOpen

bool Antura.GamesSelector.GamesSelectorBubble.IsOpen

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