Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Intro.IntroFactory Class Reference

Controls the instantiation of game objects in the Intro scene. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.Intro.IntroFactory:

Public Member Functions

void GetNearLetters (List< IntroStrollingLetter > output, Vector3 position, float radius)
void Clean ()

Public Attributes

LettersWalkableArea walkableArea
AnturaRunnerController antura
LivingLetterController livingLetterPrefab
GameObject puffPrefab
int MaxConcurrentLetters = 5
bool StartSpawning = false

Protected Member Functions

virtual LivingLetterController SpawnLetter ()

Protected Attributes

List< IntroStrollingLetterletters = new List<IntroStrollingLetter>()


System.Action< ILivingLetterData, bool > onDropped

Detailed Description

Controls the instantiation of game objects in the Intro scene.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clean()

void Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.Clean ( )

◆ GetNearLetters()

void Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.GetNearLetters ( List< IntroStrollingLetter output,
Vector3  position,
float  radius 

◆ SpawnLetter()

virtual LivingLetterController Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.SpawnLetter ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ antura

AnturaRunnerController Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.antura

◆ letters

List<IntroStrollingLetter> Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.letters = new List<IntroStrollingLetter>()

◆ livingLetterPrefab

LivingLetterController Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.livingLetterPrefab

◆ MaxConcurrentLetters

int Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.MaxConcurrentLetters = 5

◆ puffPrefab

GameObject Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.puffPrefab

◆ StartSpawning

bool Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.StartSpawning = false

◆ walkableArea

LettersWalkableArea Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.walkableArea

Event Documentation

◆ onDropped

System.Action<ILivingLetterData, bool> Antura.Intro.IntroFactory.onDropped

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