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Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData Class Reference

View of a LetterData shown as a single letter on a LivingLetter. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData:

Public Member Functions

 LL_LetterData (string _id)
 LL_LetterData (Database.LetterData _data)
 LL_LetterData (string _id, Database.LetterForm form)
 LL_LetterData (Database.LetterData _data, Database.LetterForm form)
bool Equals (ILivingLetterData data)

Public Attributes

Database.LetterData Data
Database.LetterForm Form = Database.LetterForm.Isolated


LivingLetterDataType DataType [get]
string Id [get, set]
string TextForLivingLetter [get]
string DrawingCharForLivingLetter [get]
Sprite DrawForLivingLetter [get]
- Properties inherited from Antura.LivingLetters.ILivingLetterData
LivingLetterDataType DataType [get]
string TextForLivingLetter [get]
 Text to display on the living letter More...
Sprite DrawForLivingLetter [get]
string DrawingCharForLivingLetter [get]
 Character to display on the living letter (using a custom font) More...
string Id [get, set]
 Identification string for the specific data. More...

Detailed Description

View of a LetterData shown as a single letter on a LivingLetter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LL_LetterData() [1/4]

Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.LL_LetterData ( string  _id)

◆ LL_LetterData() [2/4]

Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.LL_LetterData ( Database.LetterData  _data)

◆ LL_LetterData() [3/4]

Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.LL_LetterData ( string  _id,
Database.LetterForm  form 

◆ LL_LetterData() [4/4]

Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.LL_LetterData ( Database.LetterData  _data,
Database.LetterForm  form 

Member Function Documentation

◆ Equals()

bool Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.Equals ( ILivingLetterData  data)

Member Data Documentation

◆ Data

Database.LetterData Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.Data

◆ Form

Database.LetterForm Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.Form = Database.LetterForm.Isolated

Property Documentation

◆ DataType

LivingLetterDataType Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.DataType

◆ DrawForLivingLetter

Sprite Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.DrawForLivingLetter

◆ DrawingCharForLivingLetter

string Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.DrawingCharForLivingLetter

◆ Id

string Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.Id

◆ TextForLivingLetter

string Antura.LivingLetters.LL_LetterData.TextForLivingLetter

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