Antura  1.1.0
Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController Class Reference

Controller of Living Letter characters. Functions as a view for learning data. Manages the Living Letter animations and initialises the view content. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController:

Public Member Functions

void Init (ILivingLetterData data)
 Initializes object with the specified data. More...
void Init (ILivingLetterData _data, string _customText, float _scale)
 Manually initializes object with the specified text. More...
void SetState (LLAnimationStates _newState)
LLAnimationStates GetState ()
void Reset ()
 Force a reset to idle More...
void SetWalkingSpeed (float speed=WALKING_SPEED)
void SetDancingSpeed (float speed)
void DoHorray ()
void DoChestStop ()
void DoAngry ()
void DoHighFive ()
void DoDancingWin ()
void DoDancingLose ()
void DoTwirl (System.Action onLetterShowingBack)
 onLetterShowingBack is called when the letter is twirling and it shows you the back; so you can swap letter in that moment! More...
void ToggleDance ()
void OnJumpStart ()
void OnJumpMaximumHeightReached ()
void OnJumpEnded ()
void DoSmallJump ()
void Poof (float verticalOffset=0)
 Produces a poof nearby the LL More...
void OnIdleAlternativeEnter ()
void OnIdleAlternativeExit ()

Public Attributes

const float WALKING_SPEED = 0.0f
const float RUN_SPEED = 1.0f
Transform innerTransform
Transform contentTransform
RectTransform textTransform
Transform boneToScaleTransform
TMP_Text Label
TextMeshPro Drawing
SpriteRenderer ImageSprite
float Scale = 1.0f
GameObject [] normalGraphics
GameObject [] limblessGraphics
GameObject poofPrefab
float DancingSpeed = 1


ILivingLetterData Data [get]
LLAnimationStates State [get, set]
bool Crouching [get, set]
bool Falling [get, set]
bool HasFear [get, set]
bool Horraying [get, set]

Detailed Description

Controller of Living Letter characters. Functions as a view for learning data. Manages the Living Letter animations and initialises the view content.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DoAngry()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DoAngry ( )

◆ DoChestStop()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DoChestStop ( )

◆ DoDancingLose()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DoDancingLose ( )

◆ DoDancingWin()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DoDancingWin ( )

◆ DoHighFive()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DoHighFive ( )

◆ DoHorray()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DoHorray ( )

◆ DoSmallJump()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DoSmallJump ( )

◆ DoTwirl()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DoTwirl ( System.Action  onLetterShowingBack)

onLetterShowingBack is called when the letter is twirling and it shows you the back; so you can swap letter in that moment!

◆ GetState()

LLAnimationStates Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.GetState ( )

◆ Init() [1/2]

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Init ( ILivingLetterData  data)

Initializes object with the specified data.

dataThe data.

◆ Init() [2/2]

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Init ( ILivingLetterData  _data,
string  _customText,
float  _scale 

Manually initializes object with the specified text.

_dataUsed as data reference.
_customTextThe text.
_scaleThe scale used to resize the LL.

◆ OnIdleAlternativeEnter()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.OnIdleAlternativeEnter ( )

◆ OnIdleAlternativeExit()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.OnIdleAlternativeExit ( )

◆ OnJumpEnded()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.OnJumpEnded ( )

◆ OnJumpMaximumHeightReached()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.OnJumpMaximumHeightReached ( )

◆ OnJumpStart()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.OnJumpStart ( )

◆ Poof()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Poof ( float  verticalOffset = 0)

Produces a poof nearby the LL

◆ Reset()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Reset ( )

Force a reset to idle

◆ SetDancingSpeed()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.SetDancingSpeed ( float  speed)

◆ SetState()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.SetState ( LLAnimationStates  _newState)

◆ SetWalkingSpeed()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.SetWalkingSpeed ( float  speed = WALKING_SPEED)

◆ ToggleDance()

void Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.ToggleDance ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ boneToScaleTransform

Transform Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.boneToScaleTransform

◆ contentTransform

Transform Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.contentTransform

◆ DancingSpeed

float Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.DancingSpeed = 1

◆ Drawing

TextMeshPro Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Drawing

◆ ImageSprite

SpriteRenderer Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.ImageSprite

◆ innerTransform

Transform Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.innerTransform

◆ Label

TMP_Text Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Label

◆ limblessGraphics

GameObject [] Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.limblessGraphics

◆ normalGraphics

GameObject [] Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.normalGraphics

◆ poofPrefab

GameObject Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.poofPrefab


const float Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.RUN_SPEED = 1.0f

◆ Scale

float Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Scale = 1.0f

◆ textTransform

RectTransform Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.textTransform


const float Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.WALKING_SPEED = 0.0f

Property Documentation

◆ Crouching

bool Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Crouching

◆ Data

ILivingLetterData Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Data

◆ Falling

bool Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Falling

◆ HasFear

bool Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.HasFear

◆ Horraying

bool Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.Horraying

◆ State

LLAnimationStates Antura.LivingLetters.LivingLetterController.State

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