Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Map.Dot Class Reference

A dot on the map. Defines a non-assessment play session. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.Map.Dot:

Public Member Functions

void Initialise (int _stage, int _learningBlock, int _playSession)
void Highlight (bool choice)
void SetUnlocked ()
void SetLocked ()
void SetPlaySessionState (PlaySessionState playSessionState)
void Disappear ()
void Appear (float delay, float duration)
void FlushAppear ()

Public Attributes

int playerPosIndex
int stage
int learningBlock
int playSession
bool isLocked
Material blackDot
Material redDot
MeshRenderer scoreFeedbackRenderer


Vector3 Position [get]
JourneyPosition JourneyPos [get]
bool Appeared [get]
- Properties inherited from Antura.Map.IMapLocation
Vector3 Position [get]
JourneyPosition JourneyPos [get]

Detailed Description

A dot on the map. Defines a non-assessment play session.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Appear()

void Antura.Map.Dot.Appear ( float  delay,
float  duration 

◆ Disappear()

void Antura.Map.Dot.Disappear ( )

◆ FlushAppear()

void Antura.Map.Dot.FlushAppear ( )

◆ Highlight()

void Antura.Map.Dot.Highlight ( bool  choice)

◆ Initialise()

void Antura.Map.Dot.Initialise ( int  _stage,
int  _learningBlock,
int  _playSession 

◆ SetLocked()

void Antura.Map.Dot.SetLocked ( )

◆ SetPlaySessionState()

void Antura.Map.Dot.SetPlaySessionState ( PlaySessionState  playSessionState)

◆ SetUnlocked()

void Antura.Map.Dot.SetUnlocked ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ blackDot

Material Antura.Map.Dot.blackDot

◆ isLocked

bool Antura.Map.Dot.isLocked

◆ learningBlock

int Antura.Map.Dot.learningBlock

◆ playerPosIndex

int Antura.Map.Dot.playerPosIndex

◆ playSession

int Antura.Map.Dot.playSession

◆ redDot

Material Antura.Map.Dot.redDot

◆ scoreFeedbackRenderer

MeshRenderer Antura.Map.Dot.scoreFeedbackRenderer

◆ stage

int Antura.Map.Dot.stage

Property Documentation

◆ Appeared

bool Antura.Map.Dot.Appeared

◆ JourneyPos

JourneyPosition Antura.Map.Dot.JourneyPos

◆ Position

Vector3 Antura.Map.Dot.Position

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