Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Map.StageMap Class Reference

A single stage map. Contains all dots and pins for the current stage. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.Map.StageMap:

Public Member Functions

Vector3 GetCurrentPlayerPosVector ()
JourneyPosition GetCurrentPlayerPosJourneyPosition ()
Pin PinForLB (int lb)
void Initialise (bool _stageUnlocked, bool _wholeStageUnlocked)
void Appear (JourneyPosition fromPos, JourneyPosition toPos)
void FlushAppear (JourneyPosition upToJourneyPos)
void ResetStageOnShow (bool playerIsHere)
void Show ()
void Hide ()

Public Attributes

int stageNumber
Color color
Transform cameraPivot
int currentPlayerPosIndex
int maxPlayerPosIndex
Transform dotsPivot
GameObject dotPrefab
List< IMapLocationmapLocations = new List<IMapLocation>()

Detailed Description

A single stage map. Contains all dots and pins for the current stage.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Appear()

void Antura.Map.StageMap.Appear ( JourneyPosition  fromPos,
JourneyPosition  toPos 

◆ FlushAppear()

void Antura.Map.StageMap.FlushAppear ( JourneyPosition  upToJourneyPos)

◆ GetCurrentPlayerPosJourneyPosition()

JourneyPosition Antura.Map.StageMap.GetCurrentPlayerPosJourneyPosition ( )

◆ GetCurrentPlayerPosVector()

Vector3 Antura.Map.StageMap.GetCurrentPlayerPosVector ( )

◆ Hide()

void Antura.Map.StageMap.Hide ( )

◆ Initialise()

void Antura.Map.StageMap.Initialise ( bool  _stageUnlocked,
bool  _wholeStageUnlocked 

◆ PinForLB()

Pin Antura.Map.StageMap.PinForLB ( int  lb)

◆ ResetStageOnShow()

void Antura.Map.StageMap.ResetStageOnShow ( bool  playerIsHere)

◆ Show()

void Antura.Map.StageMap.Show ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ cameraPivot

Transform Antura.Map.StageMap.cameraPivot

◆ color

Color Antura.Map.StageMap.color

◆ currentPlayerPosIndex

int Antura.Map.StageMap.currentPlayerPosIndex

◆ dotPrefab

GameObject Antura.Map.StageMap.dotPrefab

◆ dotsPivot

Transform Antura.Map.StageMap.dotsPivot

◆ mapLocations

List<IMapLocation> Antura.Map.StageMap.mapLocations = new List<IMapLocation>()

◆ maxPlayerPosIndex

int Antura.Map.StageMap.maxPlayerPosIndex

◆ stageNumber

int Antura.Map.StageMap.stageNumber

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