Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

IAudioSource PlayLetterData (ILivingLetterData data, bool exclusive=true)
 Play sound for letter or word, if stopAllLetters is true, it will stop any previous letter sound. More...
void PlayDialogue (Database.LocalizationDataId text, System.Action callback=null)
void PlayMusic (Music music)
void StopMusic ()
IAudioSource PlaySound (Sfx sfx)
void StopSounds ()
UnityEngine.AudioClip GetAudioClip (Sfx sfx)
void Reset ()
IAudioSource PlayMusic (AudioClip clip)
IAudioSource PlaySound (AudioClip clip)
void Update ()


bool MusicEnabled [get, set]
- Properties inherited from Antura.Minigames.IAudioManager
bool MusicEnabled [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetAudioClip()

UnityEngine.AudioClip Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.GetAudioClip ( Sfx  sfx)

◆ PlayDialogue()

void Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.PlayDialogue ( Database.LocalizationDataId  text,
System.Action  callback = null 

◆ PlayLetterData()

IAudioSource Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.PlayLetterData ( ILivingLetterData  id,
bool  stopAllLetters = true 

Play sound for letter or word, if stopAllLetters is true, it will stop any previous letter sound.

Implements Antura.Minigames.IAudioManager.

◆ PlayMusic() [1/2]

void Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.PlayMusic ( Music  music)

◆ PlayMusic() [2/2]

IAudioSource Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.PlayMusic ( AudioClip  clip)

◆ PlaySound() [1/2]

IAudioSource Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.PlaySound ( Sfx  sfx)

◆ PlaySound() [2/2]

IAudioSource Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.PlaySound ( AudioClip  clip)

◆ Reset()

void Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.Reset ( )

◆ StopMusic()

void Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.StopMusic ( )

◆ StopSounds()

void Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.StopSounds ( )

◆ Update()

void Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.Update ( )

Property Documentation

◆ MusicEnabled

bool Antura.Minigames.MinigamesAudioManager.MusicEnabled

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