Antura  1.1.0
Antura.Scenes.HomeScene Class Reference

Controls the _Start scene, providing an entry point for all users prior to having selected a player profile. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.Scenes.HomeScene:
Antura.SceneBase Antura.Utilities.SingletonMonoBehaviour< SceneBase >

Public Member Functions

void Play ()
 Start the game using the currently selected player. More...
void OnClickReservedAreaButton ()
void OnOpenReservedArea ()
void OnCloseReservedArea ()

Public Attributes

AnturaAnimationStates AnturaAnimation = AnturaAnimationStates.sitting
LLAnimationStates LLAnimation = LLAnimationStates.LL_dancing
AnturaAnimationController AnturaAnimController
LivingLetterController LLAnimController
GameObject DialogReservedArea
GameObject ProfileSelectorUI
- Public Attributes inherited from Antura.SceneBase
Music SceneMusic

Protected Member Functions

override void Start ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Antura.Utilities.SingletonMonoBehaviour< SceneBase >
virtual void Awake ()
virtual void Init ()
virtual void Finalise ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Antura.Utilities.SingletonMonoBehaviour< SceneBase >
static T I [get]
string TypeName [get]

Detailed Description

Controls the _Start scene, providing an entry point for all users prior to having selected a player profile.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnClickReservedAreaButton()

void Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.OnClickReservedAreaButton ( )

◆ OnCloseReservedArea()

void Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.OnCloseReservedArea ( )

◆ OnOpenReservedArea()

void Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.OnOpenReservedArea ( )

◆ Play()

void Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.Play ( )

Start the game using the currently selected player.

◆ Start()

override void Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.Start ( )

Reimplemented from Antura.SceneBase.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AnturaAnimation

AnturaAnimationStates Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.AnturaAnimation = AnturaAnimationStates.sitting

◆ AnturaAnimController

AnturaAnimationController Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.AnturaAnimController

◆ DialogReservedArea

GameObject Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.DialogReservedArea

◆ LLAnimation

LLAnimationStates Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.LLAnimation = LLAnimationStates.LL_dancing

◆ LLAnimController

LivingLetterController Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.LLAnimController

◆ ProfileSelectorUI

GameObject Antura.Scenes.HomeScene.ProfileSelectorUI

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