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Antura.Teacher.WordsInPhraseQuestionBuilder Class Reference

Selects words inside / related to a phrase More...

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Public Member Functions

 WordsInPhraseQuestionBuilder (int nPacks, int nCorrect=1, int nWrong=0, bool useAllCorrectWords=false, bool usePhraseAnswersIfFound=false, QuestionBuilderParameters parameters=null)
List< QuestionPackDataCreateAllQuestionPacks ()


QuestionBuilderParameters Parameters [get]
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QuestionBuilderParameters Parameters [get]

Detailed Description

Selects words inside / related to a phrase

  • Question: The phrase
  • Correct answers: The words related to the phrase
  • Wrong answers: Unrelated words

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WordsInPhraseQuestionBuilder()

Antura.Teacher.WordsInPhraseQuestionBuilder.WordsInPhraseQuestionBuilder ( int  nPacks,
int  nCorrect = 1,
int  nWrong = 0,
bool  useAllCorrectWords = false,
bool  usePhraseAnswersIfFound = false,
QuestionBuilderParameters  parameters = null 

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateAllQuestionPacks()

List<QuestionPackData> Antura.Teacher.WordsInPhraseQuestionBuilder.CreateAllQuestionPacks ( )

Property Documentation

◆ Parameters

QuestionBuilderParameters Antura.Teacher.WordsInPhraseQuestionBuilder.Parameters

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