Antura  1.1.0
Antura.UI.PauseMenu Class Reference

Shows and controls the Pause menu. Can be used throughout the application. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.UI.PauseMenu:

Public Member Functions

void OpenMenu (bool _open)
 Opens or closes the pause menu More...
void SetType (PauseMenuType _type)

Public Attributes

MenuButton BtPause
MenuButton BtExit
GameObject PauseMenuContainer
Sprite AltPauseIconSprite
Image MenuBg
RectTransform SubButtonsContainer
CreditsUI Credits
RectTransform Logo
bool typeSet

Static Public Attributes

static PauseMenu I


bool IsMenuOpen [get]

Detailed Description

Shows and controls the Pause menu. Can be used throughout the application.

Member Function Documentation

◆ OpenMenu()

void Antura.UI.PauseMenu.OpenMenu ( bool  _open)

Opens or closes the pause menu

_openIf TRUE opens, otherwise closes

◆ SetType()

void Antura.UI.PauseMenu.SetType ( PauseMenuType  _type)

Member Data Documentation

◆ AltPauseIconSprite

Sprite Antura.UI.PauseMenu.AltPauseIconSprite

◆ BtExit

MenuButton Antura.UI.PauseMenu.BtExit

◆ BtPause

MenuButton Antura.UI.PauseMenu.BtPause

◆ Credits

CreditsUI Antura.UI.PauseMenu.Credits

◆ I

PauseMenu Antura.UI.PauseMenu.I

◆ Logo

RectTransform Antura.UI.PauseMenu.Logo

◆ MenuBg

Image Antura.UI.PauseMenu.MenuBg

◆ PauseMenuContainer

GameObject Antura.UI.PauseMenu.PauseMenuContainer

◆ SubButtonsContainer

RectTransform Antura.UI.PauseMenu.SubButtonsContainer

◆ typeSet

bool Antura.UI.PauseMenu.typeSet

Property Documentation

◆ IsMenuOpen

bool Antura.UI.PauseMenu.IsMenuOpen

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