Antura  1.1.0
Antura.UI.ProfileSelectorAvatarButton Class Reference

Button for selecting an avatar in the Profile Selector. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.UI.ProfileSelectorAvatarButton:

Public Member Functions

void SetAvatar (int _avatarIndex)
void SetInteractivity (bool _interactive)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Antura.UI.UIButton
virtual void Toggle (bool _activate, bool _animateClick=false)
virtual void Lock (bool _doLock)
void ChangeDefaultColors (Color _defaultColor, Color? _toggleOffColor=null)
void Pulse ()
 Pulsing stops automatically when the button is toggled or clicked (via AnimateClick) More...
void StopPulsing ()
void AnimateClick (bool _force=false)
void PlayClickFx ()

Public Attributes

Image AvatarImg
- Public Attributes inherited from Antura.UI.UIButton
Color BtToggleOffColor = Color.white
Color BtLockedColor =
bool ToggleIconAlpha = true
bool ToggleCanvasGroupAlpha = false
bool AutoAnimateClick = true
bool AutoPlayButtonFx = false
Color DefaultColor
 Default color of the button image More...

Protected Member Functions

override void Awake ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Antura.UI.UIButton
virtual void OnDestroy ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Properties inherited from Antura.UI.UIButton
bool IsToggled [get]
bool IsLocked [get]
Button Bt [get]
RectTransform RectT [get]
Image BtImg [get]
Image Ico [get, set]
CanvasGroup CGroup [get]

Detailed Description

Button for selecting an avatar in the Profile Selector.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Awake()

override void Antura.UI.ProfileSelectorAvatarButton.Awake ( )

Reimplemented from Antura.UI.UIButton.

◆ SetAvatar()

void Antura.UI.ProfileSelectorAvatarButton.SetAvatar ( int  _avatarIndex)

◆ SetInteractivity()

void Antura.UI.ProfileSelectorAvatarButton.SetInteractivity ( bool  _interactive)

Member Data Documentation

◆ AvatarImg

Image Antura.UI.ProfileSelectorAvatarButton.AvatarImg

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