Antura  1.1.0
Antura.UI.TextRender Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Antura.UI.TextRender:

Public Member Functions

void SetText (string _text, bool arabic=false)
void SetTextUnfiltered (string text)
void SetColor (Color color)
void SetLetterData (ILivingLetterData livingLetterData)
void SetSentence (Database.LocalizationDataId sentenceId)

Public Attributes

bool isTMPro = true
bool isUI
bool isArabic
bool isEnglishSubtitle
Database.LocalizationDataId LocalizationId

Protected Attributes

string m_text


string text [get, set]
float Alpha [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetColor()

void Antura.UI.TextRender.SetColor ( Color  color)

◆ SetLetterData()

void Antura.UI.TextRender.SetLetterData ( ILivingLetterData  livingLetterData)

◆ SetSentence()

void Antura.UI.TextRender.SetSentence ( Database.LocalizationDataId  sentenceId)

◆ SetText()

void Antura.UI.TextRender.SetText ( string  _text,
bool  arabic = false 

◆ SetTextUnfiltered()

void Antura.UI.TextRender.SetTextUnfiltered ( string  text)

Member Data Documentation

◆ isArabic

bool Antura.UI.TextRender.isArabic

◆ isEnglishSubtitle

bool Antura.UI.TextRender.isEnglishSubtitle

◆ isTMPro

bool Antura.UI.TextRender.isTMPro = true

◆ isUI

bool Antura.UI.TextRender.isUI

◆ LocalizationId

Database.LocalizationDataId Antura.UI.TextRender.LocalizationId

◆ m_text

string Antura.UI.TextRender.m_text

Property Documentation

◆ Alpha

float Antura.UI.TextRender.Alpha

◆ text

string Antura.UI.TextRender.text

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