Antura  1.1.0
Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow Class Reference

Shows a general-purpose popup window. Can be used by minigames to show additional info to the player. More...

Inheritance diagram for Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow:

Public Member Functions

void ResetContents ()
void Close (bool _immediate=false)
void Show (bool _doShow, bool _immediate=false)
void ShowTextDirect (Action callback, string myText)
void SetButtonCallback (Action callback)
void ShowSentence (Action callback, Database.LocalizationDataId SentenceId)
void ShowSentence (Action callback, Database.LocalizationDataId sentenceId, Sprite image2show)
void ShowSentenceWithMark (Action callback, Database.LocalizationDataId sentenceId, bool result, Sprite image2show)
void SetMark (bool visible, bool ok)
void SetImage (Sprite image2show)
void ShowSentenceAndWord (Action callback, Database.LocalizationDataId SentenceId, LL_WordData wordData)
void ShowSentenceAndWordWithMark (Action callback, Database.LocalizationDataId SentenceId, LL_WordData wordData, bool result)
void ShowTimeUp (Action callback)
void ShowTutorial (Action callback, Sprite tutorialImage)
void SetTitle (string text, bool isArabic)
void SetMessage (Database.LocalizationDataId SentenceId)
void SetMessage (string text)
void SetTitleSentence (Database.LocalizationDataId SentenceId)
void SetWord (string imageId, LL_WordData wordData)
void OnPressButtonPanel ()
void OnPressButton ()

Public Attributes

bool timeIndependent = true
GameObject Window
GameObject TitleGO
GameObject DrawingImageGO
GameObject WordTextGO
GameObject MessageTextGO
UIButton ButtonGO
GameObject TutorialImageGO
GameObject MarkOK
GameObject MarkKO
Sprite gameTimeUpSprite
GameObject [] ActivateTheseOnAwake

Static Public Attributes

static WidgetPopupWindow I


static bool IsShown [get]

Detailed Description

Shows a general-purpose popup window. Can be used by minigames to show additional info to the player.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Close()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.Close ( bool  _immediate = false)

◆ OnPressButton()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.OnPressButton ( )

◆ OnPressButtonPanel()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.OnPressButtonPanel ( )

◆ ResetContents()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ResetContents ( )

◆ SetButtonCallback()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.SetButtonCallback ( Action  callback)

◆ SetImage()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.SetImage ( Sprite  image2show)

◆ SetMark()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.SetMark ( bool  visible,
bool  ok 

◆ SetMessage() [1/2]

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.SetMessage ( Database.LocalizationDataId  SentenceId)

◆ SetMessage() [2/2]

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.SetMessage ( string  text)

◆ SetTitle()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.SetTitle ( string  text,
bool  isArabic 

◆ SetTitleSentence()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.SetTitleSentence ( Database.LocalizationDataId  SentenceId)

◆ SetWord()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.SetWord ( string  imageId,
LL_WordData  wordData 

◆ Show()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.Show ( bool  _doShow,
bool  _immediate = false 

◆ ShowSentence() [1/2]

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ShowSentence ( Action  callback,
Database.LocalizationDataId  SentenceId 

◆ ShowSentence() [2/2]

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ShowSentence ( Action  callback,
Database.LocalizationDataId  sentenceId,
Sprite  image2show 

◆ ShowSentenceAndWord()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ShowSentenceAndWord ( Action  callback,
Database.LocalizationDataId  SentenceId,
LL_WordData  wordData 

◆ ShowSentenceAndWordWithMark()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ShowSentenceAndWordWithMark ( Action  callback,
Database.LocalizationDataId  SentenceId,
LL_WordData  wordData,
bool  result 

◆ ShowSentenceWithMark()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ShowSentenceWithMark ( Action  callback,
Database.LocalizationDataId  sentenceId,
bool  result,
Sprite  image2show 

◆ ShowTextDirect()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ShowTextDirect ( Action  callback,
string  myText 

◆ ShowTimeUp()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ShowTimeUp ( Action  callback)

◆ ShowTutorial()

void Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ShowTutorial ( Action  callback,
Sprite  tutorialImage 

Member Data Documentation

◆ ActivateTheseOnAwake

GameObject [] Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ActivateTheseOnAwake

◆ ButtonGO

UIButton Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.ButtonGO

◆ DrawingImageGO

GameObject Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.DrawingImageGO

◆ gameTimeUpSprite

Sprite Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.gameTimeUpSprite

◆ I

WidgetPopupWindow Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.I

◆ MarkKO

GameObject Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.MarkKO

◆ MarkOK

GameObject Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.MarkOK

◆ MessageTextGO

GameObject Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.MessageTextGO

◆ timeIndependent

bool Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.timeIndependent = true

◆ TitleGO

GameObject Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.TitleGO

◆ TutorialImageGO

GameObject Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.TutorialImageGO

◆ Window

GameObject Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.Window

◆ WordTextGO

GameObject Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.WordTextGO

Property Documentation

◆ IsShown

bool Antura.UI.WidgetPopupWindow.IsShown

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