Antura  1.1.0
Antura.UI.ButtonSnapshot Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 ButtonSnapshot (Vector2 _anchoredPos, Vector2 _anchorMin, Vector2 _anchorMax, Vector2 _sizeDelta, Vector2 _icoAnchoredPos)
void Apply (RectTransform _bt, RectTransform _ico)

Public Attributes

Vector2 AnchoredPos
Vector2 AnchorMin
Vector2 AnchorMax
Vector2 SizeDelta
Vector2 IcoAnchoredPos

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ButtonSnapshot()

Antura.UI.ButtonSnapshot.ButtonSnapshot ( Vector2  _anchoredPos,
Vector2  _anchorMin,
Vector2  _anchorMax,
Vector2  _sizeDelta,
Vector2  _icoAnchoredPos 

Member Function Documentation

◆ Apply()

void Antura.UI.ButtonSnapshot.Apply ( RectTransform  _bt,
RectTransform  _ico 

Member Data Documentation

◆ AnchoredPos

Vector2 Antura.UI.ButtonSnapshot.AnchoredPos

◆ AnchorMax

Vector2 Antura.UI.ButtonSnapshot.AnchorMax

◆ AnchorMin

Vector2 Antura.UI.ButtonSnapshot.AnchorMin

◆ IcoAnchoredPos

Vector2 Antura.UI.ButtonSnapshot.IcoAnchoredPos

◆ SizeDelta

Vector2 Antura.UI.ButtonSnapshot.SizeDelta

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