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Learning Goals

One letter: Name of the letter

One letter; Pronunciation of the letter

One letter: Letter shape

One letter: writing / drawing

One Letter: Example of the letter in a word

Several letters: Differenciate sounds of different letters

(shapes of the same letter, other letters,)

Several letters: Differentiate shape of a letter in a group of other

(like the 4 shapes of the same letter, or among others)

Several letters:: The difference in letters' dots (numbers & position) means different letter

Several letters:: Alphabet order (a salphabet song)

Harakat / diacritic / Hamza associate name, form and localisation of the signs (letter accessories)

Harakat / diacritic / Hamza: Associate form and position to the pronunciation

One word association image/word

One word Reading

One Word pronunciation

One word: Word spelling

Several words Differentiate word of a group

(actual group, previous...)

Several words: sort out words with differents proprieties

(singular/dual/plural, feminine/masculine, Moon & Sun consonants)

Several Words: Position of word/image/letter/sound in a succession

Phrase or sentence reading

Mini-game / rules / video for a Unique objective