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MiniGame: Dancing Dots

Testing procedure

Total tests: 1 - Variations: 1 - Difficulty Levels: ininfluent

Shared Difficulty

  • Level 1: Dots only with hint
  • Level 2: Diacritic only with hint
  • Level 3: Dots only with no hint
  • Level 4: Diacritic only with no hint
  • Level 5: Dot and Diacritic with hint
  • Level 6: Doat and Diacritic with no hint




1. Dancing Dots

Player must add the correct dots.


  • 3 stars if...
  • 2 stars if...
  • 1 star if...

Developer notes


Warnings to be fixed


Open Questions

two new custom Fonts Atlas are used: EA4S_Arabic Dotless DancingDots SDF and EA4S_Arabic DotsOnly DancingDots SDF. are they really needed? can't they be integrated into the main arabic atlas? how to correctly generate them?

Game Design Docs


Pedagogical: Teach accent and dot positions related to letter and sounds. Play: Make the LL dance faster and faster until she reaches "king of the dance floor" status.


Attempt-based: the player has no time-limit.

  • First levels: we show where the dot should go, the player has to position the dot there and keep it for a while as the LL dances. In this phase it's almost a rhythm game.
  • Advanced levels: we don't show where the dot should go, but the player can just drag and drop a dot/diacritic sign without having to hold it (still a rhythm game, but with a different approach).
  • When the dot is placed wrongly, it's marked as wrong in the UI.


Sometimes Antura's face appears (from left side of screen), sniffs the LL, then barks and exits. After the bark, the LL is scared (moves at double speed) for N seconds.


  • When the dot is held, a blob of light around the LL grows in expectation of the result
  • When the dot position is assigned:

  • If it was wrong, it becomes a splat of color, and the LL slows up dancing as if she's getting tired. The splat(s) will stay even after a successful dot is positioned, so we should think of a way to have them overlay nicely without confusing the letter's clarity.

  • If it was right, it emits a (cool) ray of light. The LL makes a pirouette and reappears with a new letter on which to place the dot/diacritic. The LL has now more energy and dances faster/better/nicer.

Difficulty variations


The dancing moves will become more complex and faster.


Visual aid: means that the dot/diacritic will appear in the right position at startup and then disappear with a PUFF.

  • Dots alone with visual aid
  • Diacritics alone with visual aid
  • Dots and diacritics with visual aid
  • Dots alone without visual aid
  • Diacritics alone without visual aid
  • Dots and diacritics without visual aid


The game will end under one of these conditions:

  • Too many wrong signs places
  • The required amount of signs were correctly placed


The LL is lifted a little in the air, the VICTORYRAYS appear behind her, and she strikes a "king of the dance floor" pose (would be nice if we could have 4/5 poses to use randomly for each successful endgame).


Condition: 3(?) dots placed wrongly.

The LL sits on the ground, leaning back on her arms, tired (but not sad). The dot/diacritic will appear (with a ray of light or some other effect evidencing it) to show where it should've gone.