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How to create a new edition

  1. add edition enum to AppEditionID
  2. add content enum to LearningContentID
  3. add used language enums to LanguageCode
  4. create edition_? folder in _config (copy it from a similar one, payattention to .meta)
  5. configure the edition and content configs with the new languages
  6. create language folder in /_lang_bundles and configure
  7. create in json_data a Google Sheet ref for every data to sync (for example Polish_Vocabulary) and set its google sheed uid and filename
  8. open Manage Database scene and import the google data...


there are tre ways to manage a custom edition: 1. clone the project and keep it separated, like a custom product 2. fork the project, work on a branch and then submit the changes to the main repository wtih Pull Requests 3. ask for write access to the main repository if we can manage to collaborate.

In anyway you should create an edition_name branch

Unity Cloud

  • create new project (every app has a different project_id)
  • setup Cloud Build
  • setup Analytics


We don't cover here how to publish on Google Play and Apple App Store.
It would be bettere if we do it together and if the app is an official Antura Edition, we can publish it for you.