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How to export data from Google Sheets

Note: from 2020 the Sheets are imported direclty from the Unity Editor. These docs are good to export the JSON manually.

We store all static data as JSON files. These can be exported from Google Sheets by an open source addon: "Export Sheet Data".

Install this addo to Google Sheets:

  • in a Google Sheet, click "Add-ons/Get Add-ons"
  • find "Export Sheet Data" and add it

Export JSON data:

  • Open the Sheet you want to export
  • click Add-ons/Export Sheet Data/Open Sidebar
  • keep everything at the default settings, but:
  • select "Current sheet only" for "Select Sheet(s)" under "Format"
  • tick "Force string values" under "JSON Options"
  • tick "Export sheet arrays" under "JSON Options"
  • click the Export button
  • download the file