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Antura Analytics

We have a page on what we would like to track from data: and here everything we log locally in the app:

To access the online analytics: Antura Unity Analytics Dashboard

Unity Analytics

In Antura we use Unity Analytics, which offer many default / standard game tracking data, like:

Metric Description
DAU Number of unique players per day
DAU (new vs. returning) Percent of DAU who were new on that day
WAU Number of unique players in the previous seven days
MAU Number of unique players in the previous 30 days
DAU per MAU Percentage of MAU who played on a particular day (DAU/MAU)
New users Daily users who are new that day
Session length Time elapsed from when the user starts the app, and exits
Number of sessions Number of sessions played that day
Sessions per user Average number of sessions for each user
Total daily play time Total playing time of all players on that day
Daily play time per DAU Average playing time of users playing on that day
Day 1 retention Percentage of users who returned to your game after one day
Day 7 retention Percentage of users who returned to your game after one week
Day 30 retention Percentage of users who returned to your game after 30 days

And we added some custom event to track our players progression in the game and the gameplay.
Unity Analytics (the new beta version we are enabled to use) has also an SQL Data Export to create custom queries (


we have two environments: - production (published apps) - dev (from editor and dev builds)


JP = Journey Position (see) is identified by a the sequence X.Y.Z where X is the Stage, Y the Learning Block, and Z the Play Session.

Custom Events

Shared Parameters

every custom events sends also these params:

myPlayerUuid: PlayerUUID
myEdition: ContentID
myNativeLang: string Iso3 Code

Track Learning

Correct or wrong answer? (in Assessments)

CustomEvent: myLearning


myMinigame: miniGameCode.ToString()
myJP: currentJourneyPosition.Id
myStage: currentJourneyPosition.Stage
myLearningBlock: currentJourneyPosition.LearningBlock
myPlaySession: currentJourneyPosition.PlaySession
myLearningDataType: answer._data.DataType
myLearningDataId: answer._data.Id
myLearningIsCorrect: answer._isPositiveResult


When player finishes a minigame

CustomEvent: myMinigameScore


minigame: string code
score: int (0,1,2,3 stars)
duration: int seconds
JP: Journey Position


When the player advances in the journey

CustomEvent: myLevelUp


JP: Journey Position
Stage: int
LearningBlock: int
PlaySession: int
TotalPlayTime: int seconds played in minigames
TotalStars: int
TotalBones: int


When player creates an Avatar (first step in the game)

CustomEvent: myCompletedRegistration


myGender: string ("Undefined", "M", "F")
myAge: int
myProfileNumber: how many profiles exist in this edition
myAvatar_Face: id
myAvatar_BgColor: string color
myAvatar_HairColor: string color
myAvatar_SkinColor: string color


When player finishes the initial tutorial

CustomEvent: myTutorialComplete Parameters:

myPhase: string

Track Shop / Item Bought

When bones are spent in the Antura Space

CustomEvent: myItemBought


myBonesSpent: int
myItemBought: string item code

Track Antura Customization

When player customizes Antura in the Antura Space

CustomEvent: myAnturaCustomize


myDuration: int time spent in Antura Space
myAntura_Head: object name
myAntura_EarL: object name
myAntura_EarR: object name
myAntura_Nose: object name
myAntura_Jaw: object name
myAntura_Neck: object name
myAntura_Back: object name
myAntura_Tail: object name
myAntura_Texture: object name
myAntura_Deca: object name


When player replies to the mood question (once a day)

CustomEvent: myPlayerMood


myPlayerMood: int (1-5)


When the book is used.. what does player do?

CustomEvent: myBook


myBookAction: string action (letter, word, launch minigame)
myBookObject: string object code (letter, word, minigame code)