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Data Flow

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This document describes how vocabulary data flows from the database, through the Teacher System, to the specific MiniGames.

@todo: add a diagram for the data flow


All vocabulary data of a given language (letters, words, and phrases), as well as their relationships, are contained in a database. The Teacher can directly access the database. The database must instead not be accessed directly by the MiniGames, as the Teacher must filter the data based on learning requirements.

Refer to the Database documentation for further details.

Teacher filtering

The MiniGame data flow is started whenever a MiniGame is launched through MiniGameAPI.StartGame().

Prior to loading the MiniGame, the Teacher retrieves the static MiniGame configuration (IGameConfiguration) and obtains from it the configured IQuestionBuilder through a call to IGameConfiguration.SetupBuilder(). The IQuestionBuilder defines the learning rules and requirements for the current MiniGame variation.

Based on the MiniGame rules and requirements, the Teacher then selects the vocabulary data suited to the current context and generates a list of IQuestionPack through QuestionPacksGenerator.GenerateQuestionPacks(IQuestionBuilder builder).

Each IQuestionPack thus generated contains a list of questions, correct answers, and wrong answers suitable for the current learning progression and supported by the MiniGame.

The list is then injected into the game configuration by creating a FindRightLetterQuestionProvider and storing it inside IGameConfiguration.Questions, then the MiniGame is loaded. The FindRightLetterQuestionProvider is here used to provide sequentially the list of question packs that the Teacher selected.

Refer to the Teacher documentation for further details on QuestionBuilders and on how the Teacher selects the vocabulary data. @todo: LINK

Question Provider & MiniGame Data Access

At any point during play (but, usually, during the MiniGame's initialisation), the MiniGame code can access the next question pack for play by calling its static configuration's instance IGameConfiguration.Questions.GetNextQuestion() and thus retrieving a IQuestionPack.

The MiniGame is then free to display the vocabulary data to the player according to its inner workings. For this purpose, Living Letters can be used as a convenient and shared way to display the vocabulary data.


Minigames can display the vocabulary data to the players through LivingLetters. LivingLetters are animated characters that can display a piece of vocabulary data.

The LivingLetters can display vocabulary data in several ways, depending on the type of data to display. By assigning a LL_XXXData to a LetterObjectView, the corresponding data is displayed on the Living Letter. The display method is set by converting a given vocabulary data instance into a correpsonding LL_XXXData instance.

  • LL_LetterData displays a Db.LetterData in text form (a single letter)
  • LL_WordData displays a Db.WordData in text form
  • LL_ImageData displays a Db.WordData in image form (a drawing or picture)
  • LL_PhraseData displays a Db.PhraseData in text form