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Player Profile

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A Player Profile contains data on a given player, allowing multiple players to use the application and to keep updates on their progression.


A Player Profile contains the following data:

  • Profile information
  • Id: unique Id assigned to the player.
  • Age: age of the player.
  • Name: player name.
  • AvatarId: chosen avatar image Id.
  • Journey progression state
  • ProfileCompletion: a value that defines the state of the profile in respect to tutorial scenes.
  • CurrentJourneyPosition: the current selected position in the map journey.
  • MaxJourneyPosition: the maximum reached position in the map journey.
  • Rewards state
  • TotalNumberOfBones: number of bones collected.
  • CurrentAnturaCustomizations: selected customization for Antura.

Note that additional progression data is also contained in the runtime database (see Database).

Note that each profile is assigned an unique Id. This Id is used for:

  • selecting and identifying the player profile by the Player Profile Manager
  • identifying the database assigned to the player (see Database)


All data related to the Player Profile is serialized and saved inside the dynamic database. Refer to the Database.

Creation & Deletion

The Player Profile Manager handles creation, selection, and deletion of player profiles. The system is designed to support a maximum number of players, defined as PlayerProfileManager.MaxNumberOfPlayerProfiles.

A list of existing player profiles can be retrieved from the AppManager.GameSettings.AvailablePlayers.

Whenever a Player Profile is created, an exclusive Avatar Id is also selected, which represents the avatar image assigned to that profile.

PlayerProfileManager.CurrentPlayer holds the current player profile. AppManager.I.GameSettings.LastActivePlayerId contains the Id of the profile last accessed through the application.

At runtime, creation, deletion, and selection of player profiles is performed in the Home (_Start) scene through the Profile Selector.

Refactoring Notes

  • Mood and PlaySkill values in PlayerProfile are not used. Should be removed.