MiniGame: Assessment

Assessments take place at the end of a learning block, when the player’s token reach a pin on the journey map. In the narrative context: the Keeper want to challenge the player mastery of the previous learning block. As the player tries to do the assessment, Antura comes and disturbs him, like a cat coming on your keyboard when you work.

Pedagogical and psychosocial position

Assessment is a part of the learning process. We are not giving grades, but reinforcing the learning experience. We let the children retry until he passes, even with assistance.


Antura appears on screen before the assessment starts (scripted intro). Antura enters blocking the field of view of the camera and impeding to the player any kind of interaction. Antura stands and runs at set of animations. Antura is the only interactive object: when the player touches Antura or swipe on the screen, Antura goes away.

Assessment types


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