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MiniGame: Color Tickle

Testing procedure

Total tests: 1

  • Variations:
    1. ColorTickle
  • Difficulty Levels: ininfluent

Shared Difficulty

  • Available lives decrease
  • Antura activation time decreases




1. ColorTickle

Player must color the letter.


  • 3 stars if…
  • 2 stars if…
  • 1 star if…

    Developer notes


Warnings to be fixed


Game Design Docs

3 Lives per round (= per Letter)

  • Each time you draw out of the borders (=Tickle) you lose a life

What is drawn outside of the borders should appear “lighter”

  • I.e. if the LETTER is draw in RED, you should use LIGHT RED outside of the borders
  • NOTE: you can do it by using a 50% brighter color

We keep the version (game_ColorTickle) with the Tickle anim

  • But we do not stop the drawing, the Player must react and raise his/her finger

The Arabic Letters must appear in a correct format (but we can zoom more)

  • It cannot go out of the “White Square” (please do not scale it and leave it centered)…
  • … and it cannot appear as “bold” as now (i.e. the dots connects together)
  • It seems that you currently using the the font as Bold with Outline…
  • … please use a smaller Bold (dots should not connect together) and a very thin black outline

Antura is an element of surprise/disruption

  • Enters from the side, leaves a short time to let the player react and then barks scaring the LL
  • The LL will change animation when scared, making it very difficult/impossible to draw
  • So the player is obliged to raise his/her finger to avoid drawing outside of the borders
  • NOTE: it would cool that Antura only enter when the player is really actively drawing!


  • All mini-games must return a score (0 to 3 stars)
    • 0 stars are returned only if the player fails ALL ROUNDS
    • 3 stars are a very good performance, not necessarily PERFECT

The Score could be calculated with a combination of bonus/malus:


  • Complete a Letter
  • Number of Lives left at the end of a round


  • Number of Lives lost in a round
  • Amount of “out-of-borders” that has been colored