MiniGame: Egg

Testing procedure

Total tests: 4

Shared Difficulty




1. Egg_letters

Player must find the correct letter.




Warnings to be fixed


Game Design Docs


Pedagogical: Associate a letter shape and its pronunciation. Play: Press the right button to hatch the egg.


Attempt based, no timer. N rounds (3/4)

At each round, an egg will appear rolling from the right side of the screen. It will stop in the center and emit the sound of a letter while happily bouncing in place.

Under the egg, there’s a series of buttons with letters. The player will have to press the right button repeatedly to break the egg and hatch the LL. Would be nice if each LL had something procedural, to make it different, like a punk crest or a hat.

Pressing on the egg will repeat the letter/sequence-of-letters and the eventual button pattern.

NOTE: in case of sequence of letters, where the same letter repeats more than once, the same button will have to be pressed more than once.


Antura’s face appears from the right and inhales, sucking the buttons in his mouth. Then spits them out in scrambled position and disappears.

Difficulty variations


More buttons (3 to 8).


End round (repeated per round)


The egg will break (automatically, no dragging of the shell) and the LL will appear jumping happily. If we were playing with a sequence of letters, all the letters will be spoken and an LL for each letter will jump out and position itself horizontally. Otherwise just the single letter we were playing with.


Condition: N wrong attempts (3).

With each wrong attempt, the egg will rotate/move 90° to the left. After N wrong attempts, the wrong buttons will POOF away, and the egg will roll off screen.