MiniGame: Tobogan

Testing procedure

Total tests: 3

Shared Difficulty




1. Tobogan_letters

Player must find the correct letter.




Warnings to be fixed


Open Questions

Game Design Docs

Pedagogical Objectives: Identify a letter in a word, differentiate letter among others. Play Objectives: Build the highest LL tower possible by dropping the LL in the correct pipe.

Mechanics + Visuals

Camera: full-frontal (nudity included).

A series of pipe entrances with various words (one each) and an LL on a trampoline with a letter. Player must drag the LL to a pipe. The pipe will then throw it on a small island/dune/whatever (check visual theme for this). On the island, Antura sleeps on one side.

On the trampoline, the letters advance like Lemmings. If you don’t catch & drag the first letter to a pipe it will fall down and a time malus will happen.

NOTE: The pipes will have to exit and re-enter the screen, so the player can’t just associate a pipe to its exit.


When hit by an LL, Antura wakes up and runs around the island, throwing down all the current LLs. Then he goes back to sleep. Must be a very quick animation (Antura’s I mean, the LLs falling can even take a little while). Feedback

When Antura scares the LL tower, the piled LLs start oscillating until they fall, bounce around and then disappear with a POOF.

Difficulty variations




The game will end when the game timer elapses.


The pipes disappear and we focus only on the LL tower. Based on the level/stars reached, a different type of bird might land on the top LL: canary, parrot, eagle (to discuss).


Condition: minimum height not met when game timer elapses.

If there’s some piled LLs they fall into the sea. Antura sits and howls to the sky.


Only two pipes with SUN and MOON. Player must associate LL correctly.